Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Data Cleanup Tool

Here is the link to the newest data cleanup tool for TRIRIGA:


Be very careful using this tool as it can cause some serious damage to your system. Here are a few comments from internal TRIRIGA sources:

“I would DEFINITELY make an export (backup) before running these scripts. They aren’t supported by Platform, so use AS IS (and I wouldn’t give them to a customer without permission).”

“Ok, so the cat's out of the bag so to speak, but please please please do not consider these clean scripts ready to be used without a thorough understanding of the scripts and the results they will have on your system. I encourage you to please contact a PA/TA to walk through these before you employ them. To xxxx's comment, obviously do not share with clients without explicit agreement from TS leadership and the PM on the project. These will delete pretty much all instance data in your system...please tread lightly.”

"Rumor has it that QA plans to support and document this utility….eventually. But, no word yet on when that may happen. So, unfortunately, everyone is on their own. You might try calling tech support and asking about it, but you’ll need to get past the first level tech support people….who will probably refuse to even talk to you about it."


NIQ said...

I loaded this in 2.6 and the only radio button active is the Cleanup Utility option. I was hoping for record cleanup to be available.


Rob Zombron said...

The record cleanup has been disabled in the 2.6 and higher releases. TRIRIGA recommends using queries to clean old records, however this is not always possible, at least not without some state transition changes. There is a update query you can run to clean records, but TRIRIGA has asked that I not post any update queries in my blog. If you need more information you can email me.