Thursday, November 6, 2008

Business Connect

If you are using Business Connect for integration development and would would like a tool that can log into your application server, show all of the available methods and allow you to manually execute them, you may want to consider SoapSonar by Crosscheck Networks ( They offer both an enterprise edition (with a free trial) and a free personal edition that will provide access to the Business Connect WSDL Methods.

To use the product, enter your WSDL location (i.e., http://yourServerName:8001/ws/TririgaWS?wsdl) and click on the Capture WSDL button. You will see a screen that looks like this:

To execute a method use the tree on the left to drill into it. Once the method is selected look at the schema fields on the request, enter any required data (depending on the method you are calling), set the authentication to use your API user, and click execute.

In the example below, I executed getModules which has no required input. The screen show shows the response from the server.