Thursday, April 24, 2008

Find Corresponding Object and Module Names

Do you know the name of a BO you are looking for, but can't figure out which module it's in? Here is a script to run under the tririga schema:

/* Get BO and corresponding Module Names - run in tririga schema */
SELECT b.NAME AS bo_name, m.module_name
FROM module_view_map m, ibs_spec_type b
WHERE m.module_id = b.spec_class_type

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Utility for Viewing Configuration and Log Files

Notepad++ is a fantastic, open source utility to view and edit TRIRIGA configuration and log files (it has many other uses as well). If you are tired of looking at a jumbled mess in notepad, try Notepad++.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Locator Fields and Object Metadata Cache

If you enter data into a text locator field and as soon as you tab out the value you selected disappears, you may want to flush the Object Metadata Cache before restarting Jboss or Weblogic. I have seen this several times with the TRIRIGA 9 application where I select a valid value from a locator query and as soon as I click OK on the query with field wipes itself out. A restart would solve the problem, but a cache flush is faster and does not disrupt the end users.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Turn an Error Message into a SQL Statement

Consider the following error message from the server.log:

2008-03-20 15:39:07,946 ERROR [](ExecuteThread: '13' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default') Statement : update T_TRISERVICEREQUEST set sys_projectid = 1,triDescriptionTX = ?,triStatusCL = ?,triStatusCLObjId = ?,triControlNumberCN = ?,Sys_Parent1 = ?,triPreviousStatusCL = ?,triPreviousStatusCLObjId = ?,triRequestClassCL = ?,triRequestClassCLObjId = ?,triModifiedSY = ?,coContactNumberTX = ?,triRecordNameSY = ?,triRecordStateSY = ?,triModifiedByTX = ?,triModifiedByTXObjId = ?,triRequestFullNameTX = ? where spec_id = ?

Values :
Review In Progress,
REQ 1000516,
CRE Moves, ten or less associates (MOVES03),
03/20/2008 03:39:07 PM,
REQ 1000516-0,
Zombron, Robert - eyk343,
REQ 1000516-CRE Moves, ten or less associates (MOVES03),

To troubleshoot why this error message was thrown, turn it into a SQL statement like the one below, run it in SQLPlus and use your SQL troubleshooting skills to solve the problem. In this example. the triRequestFullNameTX field was set to 50 characters but the data we were trying to push had 55 characters. The solution was simply expanding the percision of the offending field to a number larger then 55.

set sys_projectid = 1,
triDescriptionTX = 'test4',
triStatusCL = 'Review In Progress',
triStatusCLObjId = 1601066,
triControlNumberCN = 'REQ 1000516',
Sys_Parent1 = 0,
triPreviousStatusCL = 'Draft',
triPreviousStatusCLObjId = 1600256,
triRequestClassCL = 'CRE Moves, ten or less associates (MOVES03)',
triRequestClassCLObjId = 4737839,
triModifiedSY = '03/20/2008 03:39:07 PM', -- NOTE may need to be formatted correctly for this column
coContactNumberTX = 'xxx',
triRecordNameSY = 'REQ 1000516-0',
triRecordStateSY = 'triReview',
triModifiedByTX = 'Zombron, Robert - eyk343',
triModifiedByTXObjId = 3835835,
triRequestFullNameTX = 'REQ 1000516-CRE Moves, ten or less associates (MOVES03)'
where spec_id = 6564922

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Site Style Manager Tip

If you ever find yourself in a position where you want to use Site Style Manager to update the color of a particular screen object and you can figure out which component it is, all you have to do is view source on in your browser. Search for the label (if it's text) and right after the title look for what the class value is. That is your answer.