Monday, September 8, 2008

Add a Documents Tab to a Custom Object

Adding a Documents tab to a custom object is a very simple process. Here’s what you do:
• In the Data Modeler, create an association between your object and the Document module, Document object using an association string of Has Document with a reverse string of Is Document For
• Revise and republish the business object
• Open the GUI Builder and add a xxDocuments tab
• Under your new tab create a query section called xxRelatedDocuments using Document - Display - Associated to Current Record as the query, setting the Association Type to Has Document
• Re-label the DeAssociate action to Remove
• Add a new action called Upload, check the Pop Up box, set the Action Type to Custom and enter this URL: /html/en/default/docmgmt/objectupload/objectFrameSet.jsp?folderId=-1&showFolders=true&multiFile=true
• Publish your GUI

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