Monday, March 17, 2008

Fixing Objects Stuck in the Wrong State

This post was removed at TRIRIGA's request.  Please email me if you need additional information.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I'm facing an issue where a lease record is stuck in 'Review in Progress' status and there are no action buttons on the record.

I followed the below steps in Test environment to change the status to Active.

1. select spec_id, spec_name,object_state from ibs_spec where spec_id =12019454;

2. Once I confirmed the lease record to be modified by its spec_id, I ran the below query to update the object_state to triIssued.

update IBS_SPEC set OBJECT_STATE = 'triIssued' where spec_id = 12019454;

3. I again checked on front end to make sure that changes are reflected. But no luck!

Can you please let me know if there is any alternative way for this?