Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Impact of Changing Classification Values

You may find your users want you to remove/replace some classification values, but before you make the requested changes you need to determine if that classification is used anywhere else in the product and what the impact of changing it will be.

To determine which objects use a specific classification run the following SQL script (substituting the name of the root classification you are looking for for the value in red below) :

select name
where spec_template_id in
(select spec_template_id from ibs_spec_value_meta_data
where atr_type = 'Classification' and
classification_root_name = 'Location Primary Use')

The results of this query will show which objects have a field that points to that classification root value. Using this, you can go into the Data Modeler for each object, select the field that uses the classification and click on 'Where Used'. This will pop up a window showing all GUI's, queries and workflows where the field is used. Pay special attention to workflows that show 'Workflow Condition' in the Action column - this will help identify workflows that may use specific classification values in their logic.


Rob Zombron said...

Here is an updated query that shows both the object that contains the root classification and the specific field name:

select as "BO Name", m.atr_name as "Field Name"
from IBS_SPEC_TYPE s, ibs_spec_value_meta_data m
where m.spec_template_id = s.spec_template_id
and m.classification_root_name = 'Location Primary Use'

Anonymous said...

Thank you