Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Setting Up Bulk Print Functionality

If you have a need to bulk print multiple objects, such as work tasks, you can use the following process to create a bulk print utility.

1. Create a Crystal report that works successfully on the Print Preview tab
2. Create an object/GUI to use for bulk printing
3. Include a query section on the bulk print GUI that allows you to find and associated tasks using a unique association string
4. Write a query that gets the record id of the tasks with an association filter using the string you defined above to tasks (i.e., get all tasks associated to the bulk print object with a string of ‘has task’ or whatever you defined)
5. Create a URL section action on the bulk print GUI similar to this: /html/en/default/common/RepBuilder.jsp?source=bulk&docId=XXXXXX&showFilters=false&queryName=triTask_triWorkTask_cus___triWorkTask___Selected___Tasks___Bulk___Print
6. Replace the value after ‘docId=’ with the Document ID of the Crystal report (if you mouse over the doc in Document Manger you will see the Doc ID in the bottom left corner of your screen)
7. Replace the value after ‘queryName=’ with the name of your filter query (look at the format above it Module_Object_Query Name with a triple underscore for spaces between words in the query name)
8. You should be ready for testing at this point, associate one or more work tasks to the bulk print GUI and call the action you defined above.

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Anonymous said...

Please note that the Crystal report being used is a Form Report (ADO XML v2), or else this won't work. To convert reports to a form report, you will need to change the datasource to an ADO XML datasource (under the TririgaFormsXML connection) you get from the form where the fields you need resides, and then remap the fields if needed depending on the type of the original datasource.